We encourage evangelists and leaders through prayer, teaching, counsel & advice.

Pray for us as our UK and overseas work needs nothing more than the touch of the Master's hand, Holy Spirit's empowerment and protection. Thank you.

Whether by our FREE e-books, connecting with The International~12~, Prayer Warriors, Teaching, Preaching, engaging with Seminars, sharing our Testimonies, Christian Radio BroadcastsYouTube Teaching Channel or Blogs you will benefit greatly from what we can give you.

COVID19 is having a devastating effect across the westernised world. Imagine how the poor and helpless are not coping in the developing world. 

No welfare state, no food supplies, no freshwater, no government help no support except a few Christians who have taken it upon themselves, with very little themselves to travel for hours with supplies of food, water and medicines in the most hostile heat & surroundings and personal danger from natural disaster or bullets.

These are the people who need your help;

The International 12.

1 Corinthians 16v13-14

2021 will be a year where others will be watching us even more closely. Many want to know about facts, not opinions, about the Pandemic. We have the words of eternal life, grace, hope and love.

1 Corinthians 16v13-14 should be our foundation verse for all we do.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Do everything in love."


NSCR     New Sound Christian Radio     NSCR

"With you locally, broadcasting globally."

New outreach radio with exclusive Christian shows and music.

We need people like you to help.

Be a part of this dynamic team? Can you give of your skills?

A Passion for Mission? Register your interest below.

Administration, Technical, Marketing, Promotion on Social Media, Influencers & Pray-ers, etc.

Only 1-year-old and already reaching thousands across the globe each month.

Play your part to grow this outreach to mission-field planet earth.

The harvest is there, help us reap for the LORD.


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Neighbourhood Prayer Network

We are partners of this national powerhouse. Every day you can be encouraged by the posts from Life to Last Ministries on their Facebook pages. www.facebook.com/groups/NPNET