1 Corinthians 16v13-14

2021 will be a year where others will be watching us even more closely. Many want to know about facts, not opinions, about the Pandemic. We have the words of eternal life, grace, hope and love.

1 Corinthians 16v13-14 should be our foundation verse for all we do.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

Do everything in love."

People are precious. Every relationship is necessary to thrive. All of us struggle and need encouragement. The church should be a cross-section of people who live around it. You don't go to a hospital and expect to find healthy people; so why go to church expecting to find perfect people? Congregations need to thrive again to attract new people.

Leaders need support and encouragement. Their lives, marriages, families, and faith are under pressure as any other normal person. You as a leader need to know and celebrate your worth, your strengths and your limitations. 

With over 50 years of pastoral leadership between us, we can tailor-make presentations to suit your needs and audience. We offer seminar-style for leadership issues, preaching, teaching through to informal cafe-style events and humorous after-dinner talks sharing our personal stories. These are a big deal for us. Our honest & frank accounts will help your people see the way ahead in their lives. People recognise the truth for themselves when they see authentic, genuine lives & words of Christians. When we speak with honesty and humour, barriers are broken down and the life of the Holy Spirit can do His work. All to the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Whether by our FREE e-books, our teaching, preaching, sharing our seminars or testimonies, Christian Radio broadcasts, YouTube Teaching Channel or Blogs

you will benefit greatly from what we can bring you.

Neither Kelvin nor Nige gets financial backing for this ministry. They are tent-makers. Kelvin as a retired Elim minister has a small pension, and Nige works part-time as a Safeguarding Officer for his school. If you feel led to help financially please contact us with your ideas. Thank you. (EG: Admin costs, the printing of the books, translation costs abroad, or even full support freeing us to expand this & the radio ministry.)

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An overview of what we offer. We'll come to you. Holy Spirit inspired ministry and life challenging stories of Jesus' never changing love.