Make your help count 100%

More than just supporting your Christian Worker.

Imagine getting 100% of your help to them with no admin fees by faceless, corporate-style 'middle-men' taking their cut of your donation.

(E.g. No more field workers receiving only 17p of every £1 donated.)

In a tried and tested way we have used this method for over 18 months.

It's safe and secure.

We have personally supported some of these Evangelists with small amounts and prayer for over 18 months.

This method is quick, easy to set up and efficient. They received 100% of what we sent to them, for a little 99p transfer fee for WR or WU below.


Like us, if you wish to send financial support however small the amount;

100% of what you send goes DIRECTLY TO YOUR Christian Worker.



Contact your Christian Worker(s) directly on their Life to Last page.

This is how we have personally helped them over the past 18 months. We know it works. Do the same.

Set up with them a World Remit Account App

or Western Union Account App

for free.

*The amount you give will only ever be known by you and your International 12 Member.

They can receive it either as cash from a WU or WR office or bank in their city, or they are given immediate notice of it on their mobile phone.


Neither Kelvin nor Nige gets financial backing for this ministry. They are tent-makers. Kelvin as a retired Elim minister has a small pension, and Nige works part-time as a Safeguarding Officer for his school. If you feel led to help financially please contact us with your ideas. Thank you. (EG: Prayer, admin costs, the printing of the books, translation costs abroad, or even full support freeing us to expand this & the radio ministry.)

Contact us.