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Leaders - Church look after your leaders.#3

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Watching football matches in the 70’s saw so much passion and singing; simultaneous shouting and roars as the ball got closer to a goal. As a kid it shocked me how many of these supporters weren’t there for the football, but the fighting! Pitch invasions were common place, and what looked like a wonderful game, deteriorated into battles of fists and feet, with blue and red scarves being chased by police dogs!

How did something so good turn so bad, so quickly? Because of deep seated divisions within the supporters! Yet people supported teams they called ‘United’!

Over my time in a one church I could see the divisions getting deeper. I would think to myself when they sang songs ‘Are you listening to yourselves?’ Several visitors commented about the atmosphere. The inevitable would come. There may not have been pitch invasions but woe betides you if you sat in the wrong seat! Today that place is no more. It’s sad when a church has to close its doors. Except in this case!

How does the Bible say things need to be? How can we help our leaders? This attitude, works just as well in the work place too. A comment made to a pain-in-the-neck-church in the city of Corinth, “I appeal to you…all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.” (1Cor 1.10)

There’s that word again ‘United’. Richard Wurmbrand in his book Tortured for Christ, unites the church’s focus, “Hate the evil systems, but love your persecutors. Love their souls, and try to win them for Christ.” Be the difference, encourage your leaders. Respect is modeled by us all, especially as we teach to bring hope, preach to give confidence, and speak to share love. Looking to Jesus as Life Lasts from there.

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