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Leaders - Church look after your leaders.#4

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A woman I know ended up in hospital with seriously head injuries after she fell from quite a height after teetering on top of something she should not have used as a ladder! She fell quickly, struck the concrete floor head first, and can’t remember much immediately after that! Think of the fallout as she was also a mother, wife and bread-winner; who else was affected by her fall?

Falls happen in many ways. We talk about falling down a cliff and falling from grace. Whatever type of fall, there is always collateral damage. And people can fall because of another person’s ignorance or stupidity. And it can happen to paupers or kings.

There was a phrase I read on the EA’s website which stopped me, ‘unacceptably high proportion of clergy show signs of emotional exhaustion from their ministry’. I could relate to that with some churches I have worked and been in.

A reason for this was leaders who had been placed on pedestals of pride either by themselves or unthinking members of their churches. They fell off! Boasting in one person’s achievement is unhelpful or even fatal in the setting of a serving church. Appreciate, congratulate and celebrate their work and character, don’t place leaders out of reach and above contradiction; they are human too and need to be surrounded with care and accountability. Relationships come first, not opinions. Think of the fallout as he or she is also a parent, spouse, and bread-winner. Who else was affected by their fall? You! We get some sound advice about this from the Bible, “So then, no more boasting about human leaders!” (1 Cor 3.21) Instead, appreciate, congratulate and celebrate our leaders as they teach to bring hope, preach to give confidence, and speak to share love. Looking to Jesus as Life Lasts from there.

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