• Nige Burr

Leaders - Focus on Christ for the People's Sake. #9

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

People are longing for the day when a fully autonomous humanoid will take away all their daily drudgery and make life a better place. Perfection personified. A kind of Robocop meets Mrs Doubtfire! Neither of which you’d like if they got angry. A soft-spoken Scottish drag-artist who would cook and clean, to then arrest and heave the kids to bed early for not taking the garbage out when told! Oh, such heaven!

That is precisely why we don’t want humanoids like this. Relationships would be something you’d read about in the history section of Wikipedia of the future. Humankind was created to thrive in relationships. No friendships, no development. No development no meaningful love, that very thing every right-minded human yearns for. The ultimate example of love was how Jesus treated everyone he met; consistent, charismatic and caring. In fact, people who met him emulated him in their family and community. And they still do!

In the journal called Acts, Dr Luke describes the history-as-it-unfolded in the years directly after Christ’s death and resurrection. “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” (Acts 16v5 NIV) What was happening to allow this to be so?

The church, who is the people, did what it took to build friendships with those around them. The leaders modelled this in their relationships and teaching, and people followed. No one was left out. Everyone mattered. No leader tripped over his own ego. In When Heaven Invades Earth, Bill Johnson tells us, “God’s kind of teachers don’t just talk – they do.” Focussing on our people and their development will hone our thinking on how to best model Jesus. Result; our churches strengthen and grow as no-one is taken for granted. Teach to bring hope, preach to give confidence, and speak to share love. Looking to Jesus as Life Lasts from there.

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