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1 Timothy 3:7

"He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap."

"The ministry of Life to Last emanates from their incredible stories and depth of ministry experience. I appreciate their commitment to the Gospel and discipleship around the world. Follow them, pray for them and learn from them."

Dr Tim Tucker : CEO The Message, South Africa.

"Both Nige and Kelvin are able to bring the reality of the gospel alive through their own life experiences. The guys are not only genuine, but trustworthy and totally sold out for serving Jesus."

Pst. Andrew Yelland : Croftsend Church, Bristol UK

"These two wonderful men of God have certainly been abused in their early years and been through brokenness and rejection. Gently the Lord has restored them both and united them with the purpose of seeing the broken hearted restored, healed and set free, knowing the love of God in their hearts and His purpose for their lives. Wonderful, loving, caring and compassionate men of God."

Rev John Beevors : Beverley, Humberside UK.

"These guys have an awesome ministry that I would recommend every church encourage to come to them because it will truly bless you."

Pst Richard Rycroft : Hillfields Baptist Church, Bristol UK.

Neither Kelvin nor Nige gets financial backing for this ministry. They are tent-makers. Kelvin as a retired Elim minister has a small pension, and Nige works part-time as a Safeguarding Officer for his school. If you feel led to help financially please contact us with your ideas. Thank you. (EG: Admin costs, the printing of the books, translation costs abroad, or even full support freeing us to expand this & the radio ministry.)

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"We had Life to Last Ministries to Share at our Sunday Morning Meeting . Amazing Testimonies of Gods Healing,Restoration and a Compassion for People, to see them released into Newness of Life in Christ."

Anne Davies, Leader : Hillfields Baptist Church Bristol UK.

"Spreading the great news about Jesus!"

Dawn Elmer : Bristol UK

"Your testimonies were a beautiful reminder of God's grace and mercy. I have in mind someone who I would like to share it with who has also experienced sexual abuse as a child.."

Nat : Taunton UK

"I had the great pleasure to read your amazing little book, what a testimonies! I got emotional, honestly I couldn't contain my tears. How great has been our Lord working in your lives... How special you both are! Simply wonderful! God continue blessing you both and your lovely families."

Jandia : Brazil

"Very moving and inspiring mate I have given the rest of the books to our Pastor at church."

PJ Glover : Bristol, UK

"I began reading my free book the night I received it and within a matter of minutes I'd finished it. I was blown away, I was overwhelmed. Even with the ups and downs in my own life, I was reminded of how privileged and precious my own life is and how thankful I am to have God in my life."

Felicity Beal : Canada

"Nige I have finished reading the book from cover to cover. I am amazed at the honesty from both you and Kelvin."

Jonathan Bourne : St Austell, UK

"A very moving account and moved us to tears; helped us understand your journey and all you have been through."

Cilla & Andrew Spink : Bristol, UK

"Two men who love the Lord Jesus , who devote their busy lives helping others . This is a very effective ministry."

Sandra Owens : Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

"Nige and Kelvin bring passion to the work they do, live a Christian life and don't just preach. They reach out and touch hearts. I am blessed to have met them both."

Lianne Vessier : Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

"Their continued prayer helped me through my battle with breast cancer last year nothing is too much for them."

Christine Baker : Highbridge, Somerset UK

"Two men with lives of their own, devoted to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Their lives and words are an encouragement to all. Living by faith thru many difficult circumstances and always ready to pray and nurture anyone who needs it."

Teresa Inglis : Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

"A life of ups and downs but Jesus broke the chains and now live and breath Jesus."

Mike Inglis : Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

"There's guys have helped me grow not just as a Christian but a person to coming into adult hood I have faced many challenges and gotten a little lost on who I am my purpose and my path but through Jesus and the help of others I am now beginning to find my way again."

Kelly Inglis : Bridgwater, Somerset UK.

"Amazing story of how the love Jesus can heal and transform even the most damage minds and hearts. Grateful for their honest sharing as it has impacted me on my journey."

Stacey Doyle : Torquay, Devon UK.

"These two gentlemen have shown God in action through their grace and forgiveness. They give God the Glory, sharing their experiences to help others, bringing his word to life and transforming lives by bringing people closer to God.
Go for it in his strength gents!"

Jane Hunt : Somerset UK.

"What can I say that will do any justice to the amazing ministry that Nige and Kelvin have! They’re without a doubt anointed by God. Both have been given such power and gentleness all at the same time and such a heart for others. God used them at a time when I really needed to hear their message and I really hope they’ll be back with their ministry again soon!"

Claire Kemp : Bristol UK